NOLA Restaurant

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Chef Emeril’s NOLA Restaurant renovation fuses the era of the restaurant’s inception and the French Quarter’s vibrant atmosphere. Concepts were inspired by “Memphis” design and existing geometric features in the interior architecture were carried throughout in the carpet, neon lighting, and custom millwork. Dichroic resin panels and asymmetrical murals change color based on the viewing angle and a new glass balcony provides a seamless view into the restaurant’s atrium.

A relocated and expanded main bar features banquette and high-top seating. The former bar location is reimagined as a chef’s dining table. The original NOLA “swirl” has been been reinterpreted throughout the restaurant in the chandeliers and wall sconces. Light, neutral, colors wash the existing brick wall to unify the spaces and create a backdrop for the artwork and bright accents. The colorful material palette includes warm earth tones with pops of neon color including green, pink, and orange.

Photo Credit: Eugenia Uhl Photography